Nature – natural power and its effect on humans

Man and nature form a unity

Natural and medicinal products promote weight loss, enhance athletic success and help combat psychological problems. We spoke with Frank Felte, founder and CEO of Natura Vitalis, a manufacturer of health products on a purely natural basis. In Germany, he is one of the well-known experts in natural medicine, and the comprehensive health of people is his passion (www.naturavitalis.en).

Mr. Felte, you founded Natura Vitalis 15 years ago. What are your experiences in the health market?

People are attaching more and more importance to comprehensive health and are interested in naturopathic supplements. They know that through the power of nature they can, for example, support weight loss processes, enhance the positive effect of sporting activity and also combat psychological problems, such as those triggered by stress.

Natura Vitalis is one of the leading suppliers of naturopathic health products and dietary supplements. What is your recipe for success?

You see, when I started the company in April 1999, I naturally hoped for a resounding success, but I never dreamed that Natura Vitalis would achieve such market penetration after only a few years. On the one hand, of course, we have the presence on the home shopping channel QVC to thank, on which my colleague Dr. Sebastian Pleuse and I present our products.

But on the other hand I believe that our strength lies in offering exactly the solutions that people need and want. We are always very close to the market and to our customers and know the requirements and needs. And from this we develop our products – they are there for the people and address the individual issues around the physical and mental health.

Why nature plays such a big role for you?

In our opinion, man and nature form one unit. This shows alone the fact that man is created by Mother Nature – and not by mankind. So it is high time that we remember that man does not exist separately from nature, but has emerged from it. Nature lives, and man lives in it.

Can you give an example of the power of nature and the effect on humans?

Take the microalgae „Spirulina platensis“. To this day, no seed, plant or food has been found that contains such a comprehensive combination of natural nutrients. In only one of our Spirulina-Presslinge nature unites say and write more than 4000 different natural single connections.

I can’t even begin to describe all the ingredients here, but this much: Spirulina provides protein, amino acids, numerous vitamins and a whole range of minerals and trace elements. Spirulina is not a seaweed, by the way. It grows instead in mineral-rich lakes. This is also the reason why the iodine content in spirulina is extremely low. Thus „Spirulina platensis“ provides all substances that are important for people.

You have now referred several times to physical and mental health. Can you explain this more closely?

This is a very simple phenomenon. If a well-functioning interplay between tension and relaxation does not work, for example in the case of very active people, a physical reaction through signs of stress is inevitable. This can eventually lead to physical limitations: Those who are mentally unbalanced often do not pay attention to healthy nutrition and sufficient exercise, so that tension, cardiovascular problems are the result – and then begins a vicious circle of both physical and mental problems that are difficult to overcome.

So, if one area is affected by problems, there can be no well-being in the other one either?

Exactly the same, yes. This shows how important preventive health care and awareness of one’s own well-being are, because health is man’s highest asset, which he must protect. Who is fit, works immediately completely differently on its fellow men. It is perceived positively and also works more successfully. And in the long term, building up a sense of physical well-being is the best preventive measure against life-threatening diseases such as heart attacks, strokes and even diabetes.

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