Finding homeopaths – What is important and what to look for

Homeopaths find – What should be paid attention to

Hom?opathische means belong today to a good house pharmacy for many humans in addition. These are usually prescribed by a homeopath. However, few people know that “homeopath” is not protected as a professional title in Germany.

It is not so easy to find a reputable and competent homeopath, such as the Homeopathy Hamburg.

Therefore, in order to find a suitable homeopath, certain criteria should be taken into account. Which these are, explains the following article.

Not a protected professional title

A variety of positive qualities are associated with homeopathic medicines. For example, the preparations should be well tolerated, have no side effects and contain no chemicals whatsoever.

Integrative medicine is especially effective in chronic diseases, as it can help to activate the self-healing powers of patients.

However, homeopathic treatment can only be successful if it is carried out by qualified trained professionals.

The number of medical practitioners who offer homeopathy in addition to conventional medical measures is continuously increasing. However, the choice of therapist should be made carefully – the professional title is not protected.

In principle, alternative practitioners or doctors who work on the basis of the rules of single-agent homeopathy are considered qualified. A sound training in homeopathy should be present both alternative practitioners and doctors.

The training of the homeopath

It must be completed over several years of basic medical training to prescribe prescription homeopathic remedies and to work as a homeopath.

Not recommended are homeopaths who have completed training for lay people in medicine. Medical knowledge is not a prerequisite for these schools. Before choosing a homeopath, his training path should be examined in detail in any case.

The seals of approval for homeopaths

Naturopaths and physicians can acquire different certificates by which they can prove their expertise in homeopathy.

The diploma of homeopathy, which is issued by the German Central Association of Homeopathic Doctors, can be considered trustworthy by those who are looking for a serious and competent homeopath.

This certifies that the medical practitioner has undergone first-class training in the field of homeopathy.

In principle this quality seal is lent exclusively to physicians, who completed at least 100 hours of the further training in the specialist area.

In addition, this certificate confirms that the doctor’s practice has been working according to the principles of homeopathy for several years.

The Central Association thus sets much higher quality standards than those demanded by the official professional association of physicians in the field of homeopathy.

In order to be awarded the additional title of “homeopath”, the medical association only requires further training, which is of a much lesser extent.

To find a really good and qualified homeopath, you should look for the seal of approval of the DZVhÄ.

Patients can also be guided by the SHZ, a certificate of the Foundation Homeopathy. Only doctors and alternative practitioners who follow the rules of classical homeopathy in their work and who have successfully completed a three-year supervision period or a certificate examination are awarded this certificate.

The certificate holders are also obliged to participate in regular training in the field of traditional medicine and homeopathy.

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