Inropharm – Naturally healthy feeding – Trace elements for the dog

Inropharm – Naturally healthy feeding for dogs

The Inropharm vet. Pharm. Products Ltd & Co Kg produces since 1963 products only pure for veterinarians, wholesale companies, private label, farmers, rabbit breeders and foresters.

The portfolio of Inropharm vet. Pharm. Products Ltd & Co Kg ranged over time from antibiotics to high-quality dietary feeds and milk replacers for cattle and calves, as well as supplementary and dietary feeds for all animals, including rabbit feed and wild mineral.

Purchasing is only done through approved QS certified companies, thus it is guaranteed that we only use high quality raw materials in our products. We ourselves are also a QS certified company, as well as pastus+ and AMA g├╝tesiegeltauglich.

Since 2018, at the Inropharm vet. Pharm. Products Ltd & Co Kg according to the latest findings and scientific reports a new product line developed, tested, produced and sold. The sale here is not only through the vet, wholesalers and Amazon, but also directly to the end customer. This can conveniently purchase the products in the online store.

This product line “Natural Feed” stands for: largely without sugar, without molasses, grain-free.

Most of the recipes of Inropharm vet. Pharm. Products Ltd & Co Kg are based on time-tested herbal compositions in ground form. Some products will still be available this year in the convenient, easy-to-dose pelleted form.

Why new recipes?

This is quite simply to be explained with the climate and vegetation change. Thus we have today different emphasis with the topic feeding than approximately 20 years ago. In addition the realization and the knowledge comes, with the desire of the animal owners its favourite healthy and kind-fair to hold and feed.

BARF – more and more owners want to barf for their darling. However, this requires great care and extensive knowledge. Owners who barf with lack of knowledge do their darling no good. On the contrary, the dog gets sick because of the wrong feeding. These dogs lose weight very quickly, are powerless, have dull fur, poor immune system, diarrhea and no more joy of life.

BARF = biologically species-appropriate raw feeding

This is based on the prey principle. In the wild, the carnivore feeds (z.b. Wolf) from 80 % meat and ca. 20% vegetable substances. This percentage distribution of Basic food should necessarily also be observed in our feeding:

MeatThe following types of teeth should be alternated on a weekly basis ROH are fed:

  • 20% leaf stomach or optional rumen,
  • 15% offal,
  • 15% bones,
  • 50% muscle meat.

Once a week a “fish day” should be inserted. If the dog does not eat fish, you can use another type of meat, and add salmon oil.

Vegetable Substances should please COOKED to be fed:

  • Noodles,
  • Rice,
  • Potato,
  • Vegetables,
  • Fruit.
supplements for healthy feeding are indispensable!

Meat + Vegetables + essential omega-3 fatty acids + trace elements – minerals

Many questions here, why feed additives? This is also quite easy to explain. In the wild, a prey animal eats another animal that has a full stomach, for example, a wolf eats a hare, which in turn feeds on vegetable matter, in the intestine of the hare, the raw fiber is already broken down, thus the wolf also gets the broken down elements (z.b. trace elements) into his organism and can metabolize them immediately.

The stomach we feed our dogs is empty!

Please consider the body weight of your dog for the optimal quantity calculation of the food.

  • Adult dogs ca. 2% of body weight
  • Puppies ca. 4 – 10% of body weight (here very important: calcium!)

Natural Feed trace elements for the dog contains all the important building blocks that a dog needs when fed BARF to ensure optimal supply.

Following the ingredients and their explanation, what is said about the individual substances and their effect:

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