Irritable bowel syndrome and air in the stomach – What is irritable bowel syndrome?

What to do about irritable bowel syndrome?

In irritable bowel syndrome, abdominal pain, flatulence, and very often diarrhea or constipation occur together. Often they are just a sign of mental stress.

Changes in bowel habits are particularly noticeable here. There is irritable bowel syndrome with chronic diarrhea, chronic constipation or alternating bowel movements.

Causes and symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome

Irritable bowel symptoms vary from person to person, and so does treatment. Basically, those affected have abdominal pain, flatulence, bloating and stool irregularities.

Irritable bowel symptoms manifest themselves in the form of constipation and abdominal pain in women and diarrhea in men.

Irritable bowel or. Irritable bowel symptoms are caused by stress, medication, diet or disturbed intestinal flora, although there are no organic causes.

You can find many of these causes on the blog for flatulence and irritable bowel www.what to do in the en.

Medication, stress and dietary changes can even lead to air in the belly. A bloated belly can therefore also occur as a result of irritable bowel syndrome. In general, however, it is an interaction of many factors that lead to a bloated stomach.

Why do I have air in my stomach?

Air in the abdomen is often the result of irritable bowel syndrome. Flatulence is normal to a certain extent, because it is caused by the decomposition of undigested food components by bacteria.

In flatulence, a lot of food ends up in the large intestine, so gas formation increases and you can not get rid of the air in the stomach, so it can also lead to abdominal pain.

It is proven that air in the stomach can also have psychological causes. Flatulence or. But a bloated belly can also be caused by hasty eating and swallowing a lot of air.

Irritable bowel syndrome – what to do?

This question is asked by those who have irritable stomach or irritable bowel syndrome. For irritable bowel treatment and irritable bowel symptoms, capsules like Kijimea can provide quick relief.

Whether irritable stomach or irritable bowel syndrome – these capsules help quickly and you can easily order them on the Internet.

Treat irritable bowel syndrome or. eliminate the irritable bowel syndrome, you can also by tea, a hot water bottle or by adapted irritable bowel diet.

You can also cure irritable bowel syndrome by reducing stress, since air in the stomach can also have psychological causes. Homeopathy is also a possibility of treatment.

Diet for irritable bowel syndrome and air in the abdomen

In the long term, only an adapted diet will help. It is important to eat a healthy diet and natural products that contain probiotics – such as. B. Yogurt.

Natural foods such as fruits and vegetables, but also fresh and nutrient-rich food also play an important role in irritable stomach.

In addition one should be able to differentiate with the irritable intestine syndrome between bad and good ballast and nutrient suppliers. If you have symptoms, you should therefore avoid convenience foods, fatty foods, hot spices and sugar.

Teas should also be used in preference to sugary drinks.


Irritable bowel syndrome can be very agonizing and can at least be contained by certain medicines and appropriate diet.

In addition to homeopathy, irritable bowel syndrome can also be treated well by healthy diet and by banishing stress.

Whether your irritable bowel can be cured, you decide above all, by your own way of life and living habits.

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