To sleep healthy means to bed properly – tips and hints

To sleep healthy means to bed properly

If you are well rested in the morning, you have strength and energy for the whole day. But many people unfortunately experience this differently. They feel tired and would actually prefer to sleep a little longer. But this is exactly the problem.

Often it is due to the fact that we humans literally wrong bedding. But how to do it right and what to consider? Here are a few small tips to help make every night, really restful.

Healthy sleeping – oxygen is important

Many people sleep with the windows closed and also have the heating turned up in winter. Oxygen is the most important thing we need, even during sleep. If the body does not receive enough of it, it can very quickly become restless and nervous.

It is therefore advisable to at least keep the window tilted at all times. In this way there is a constant circulation of air in the room and the exchange of CO2 and oxygen is guaranteed.

But a heater that is turned up all the way can lead to a bad night’s sleep. Too high temperatures in the room, lower the humidity and make breathing much more difficult. It is better to set the heating to a lower level at night.

A little tip: If it is possible, you can also put a container with water on the radiator, which will then evaporate slowly.

The mattress makes the difference

There are different sleeping habits. One likes to sleep on a hard surface and the other likes it rather cuddly soft. But what is really healthy? The best mattresses are those that ergonomically adapt to the shape of the body, especially the back.

In this way, the entire musculature relaxes and the joints are also greatly relieved. This makes for a restful night, because the right position also makes it easier to breathe.

In the Matratzen Union online store, for example, you can find a wide range of different models that meet this standard.

As a tip: If you do not want to buy a new mattress right away, you can also put a board on the grate or use a foam carpet pad. This makes the feeling when lying either softer or harder.

Bedding with comfort

You can cover yourself with many things. But sometimes the wrong pillow or the thick comforter makes for a restless sleep. This is not necessarily due to the heat, but much more likely to be due to dust.

Even for non-allergy sufferers, too much house dust or mites can lead to a poor night’s sleep. The immune system is constantly busy fighting off foreign substances, and the lungs must also use all their strength to fight off the dust.

Microfiber bedding is ideal for this purpose. It hardly accepts dust and mites have no chance to multiply. Tip: If you don’t want to buy new bed linen and don’t like to sleep too warm, you can also use a sheet as a comforter or a light wool blanket.

In principle, good ventilation should always be ensured in the room and the temperature should not be too high. As far as possible, fans should be avoided in summer, because they stir up house dust very strongly, so that the lungs are considerably burdened. In this sense: pleasant dreams and healthy sleep!

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