Preventing and treating age spots (lentigines seniles)

Treatment of age spots

Age spots are harmless pigmentary disorders, which are called lentigines seniles by physicians. Usually these spots are found in people over forty years of age and in those over 60. They are considered to be normal at the age of two. Recent studies show, however, that more and more young people are affected by the first age spots.


Pigmentary disorders are favored, among other things, by the sun, so they often first appear on the forearms, the back of the hands, the décolleté or the face. They can be recognized by their striking color, because they appear yellowish-brown to dark brown. Another difference is their size, because while some spots can be only a few millimeters in size, others can reach a diameter of several centimeters.

Even if age spots are not dangerous, a doctor should still be consulted, who will examine whether it is really a pigment disorder. The reason for this is that age spots cannot always be clearly distinguished from specific forms of skin cancer. Specifically, this means that the spots may well resemble the form of black skin cancer.

Treatment of age spots

In principle, age spots do not have to be treated, because they are not dangerous to health. Nevertheless, if they appear disturbing to the affected consumer, they can certainly be removed.

For example, special bleaching creams can be used, which lighten the existing spots or curb further formation. However, the first success is visible after several weeks at the earliest. Another disadvantage can be that some people do not tolerate these special creams.

A very effective treatment option is the so-called laser therapy. Here, the laser generates a light beam with an extremely high intensity, so that the upper skin layers are penetrated and the pigment deposits burst. With this method, an intentional inflammation is caused so that the pigments can be removed.

Even though this method is the most effective, there are still disadvantages, because the treatment is not completely painless. The lasered skin areas may burn slightly or even swell during the first few days. However, these side effects disappeared completely after about two weeks.

Prevention of age spots

Age spots are usually caused by ultraviolet radiation, and occur when the skin is not protected from the sun. The right sunscreen has another advantage, because the risk of skin cancer is significantly minimized.

Thus, a good sunscreen with a high sun protection factor can prevent the unsightly age spots. It is also recommended to wear a sun hat and to cover the décolleté and the arms. On the safe side consumers go, if they avoid the dangerous midday sun.

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