Relaxation – What alternative healing methods and products are available?

Alternative healing methods and products for relaxation: What are the options??

The times are hectic. The urge for self-optimization, the increasing demands at work and the fear of making mistakes have a serious after-effect. Relaxation comes too short.

Who does not allow his body and his mind rest, is predestined for the „Volkskrankheit“ Burnout.

Natural methods for physical and mental relaxation

Sufficient sleep and a diet rich in vital substances give the body and mind energy. But for many people, both factors come up short.

The job and private worries leave no time for restful night sleep. People eat on the go because it’s faster and because they don’t want to stand at the stove and prepare a meal after eight hours of work.

The fact that we become more and more unfocused and that the so-called widespread diseases increase has a very simple origin.

We expect more of ourselves than we are capable of and than is good for our bodies and mental well-being.

For some years now, more and more people have been recognizing that the traditional natural relaxation methods boost energy levels and lead to greater performance, inner peace and balance.

Natural remedies also play a not insignificant role here.

The similarities between yoga, meditation and CBD

Completely alone, in blissful silence and seclusion, Buddhist monks meditate without speaking a word and without a longing for human company.

Meditation is the highest art of relaxation, as it requires boundless self-discipline and the gift of switching off.

Yoga has also established itself in western society and has become a trendy sport, especially in big cities.

But real yoga is not based on figures that can hardly be imitated, but on mindfulness, through which the body connects with the mind and forms a unity.

Another trend that has been booming for a few years is cannabidiol. This is an essence of the hemp plant, which is said to have a beneficial effect on the body and soul, and to be anti-inflammatory and calming.

For example, you can buy CBD flowers and brew them as tea. CBD is said to have a very calming and relaxing effect, which is similar to the mental relief of a meditation and yoga.

Mental overload worse than physical exertion

Man, who is a hunter-gatherer in his origins, can process physical exertion very well.

But the crux in our modern and civilized society is, on the other hand, that we move too little and adopt an unnatural position through mainly „sedentary“ occupations in closed indoor spaces.

At the PC we strain our eyes and spine. Physical pain and mental overwork are the result of the digital society, where rest is a foreign word and is one of the things that people simply do not have time for.

But if we deny ourselves the necessary relaxation, our performance decreases and we become ill.

Burnout is just one example of how constant self-optimization and the urge to always be better than someone else does more harm than good.

For many people, the path leads to the orthodox physician when overload is recognized. This one prescribes sleeping pills and gives tips for balancing a sitting job.

But sleeping pills and tranquilizers from the laboratory cause new problems. The way into the dependence is pre-programmed, since body and spirit come sometime only to the rest, if the Pharmazeutika is taken.

Therefore, this path is not a solution, but the basis for a new and not to be underestimated problem.

What helps when the mind does not come to rest?

Who refers to nature and who remembers what has already worked thousands of years ago, can completely do without conventional medical aids.

The overwork and excessive demands of today’s world is a societal, a homegrown problem.

The use of ancient medicinal plants is free of side effects and therefore an alternative to pharmaceuticals, the effect of which should not be underestimated.

Instead of brooding in bed every night and reviewing the day over and over again, you can make yourself a relaxing tea from CBD flowers or calm your mind with CBD oil.

If the body is exhausted, one eventually finds sleep. But this is only restful if the mind is equally exhausted and if you renounce the need to roll at nightfall and night problems and search for a solution.

There is no ultimate tip that is equally effective for everyone.

But when it comes to natural healing methods and relaxation techniques to increase well-being, you can follow different paths and do not have to fear dependence.

If the spirit comes to rest, the body relaxes and one refuels in the rest phase new energy for a day, which is again full of challenges.

Pharmaceutical preparations are not a solution, as the risks of addiction are very high and irreversible.

Alternative healing methods vs. School medicine – relaxation techniques that help

We know that our body and soul need relaxation. But which relaxation techniques really help?

Are all recommendations equally suitable for everyone or are there differences that should be taken into account and included in the decision for a relaxation technique??

Fact: With alternative methods one should have faith in the effect. For example, if you go to yoga once or twice a week and can’t „open up“, you won’t find inner peace despite attentive teachers and the best tips.

Those who do not believe in the calming effects of CBD will not find sleep even after the third cup of tea, and instead will continue to lie in bed brooding, waiting for the dawn to come.

In contrast, conventional medicine is a proverbial „hammer“ that immediately leads to sleep and drives any thought out of the head.

But these are chemical, pharmaceutical drugs, which, if taken over a long period of time, damage the kidneys and the autonomic nervous system.

For every stressed person there is in the traditional relaxation techniques and natural remedies exactly the possibility which helps with him and which allows him a calm and carefree end of the day.

Those who are unsure should try different methods and find out what does them good and where they feel no effect.

Conclusion: The body and the soul need rest. After a long working day one feels not without reason exhausted and unable to move „still another step“ and to pursue its hobbies.

What we demand from our body and our mind is today clearly more than a few years ago.

Who would like to receive its efficiency, to increase its concentration and its load-carrying capacity, should allow itself extensive phases of the relaxation.

Natural remedies and relaxation methods offer effective support without side effects or the risk of addiction.

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