Baking soda – a very old proven home remedy for many areas

Baking soda – a proven home remedy

Even the Egyptians used a compound of sodium bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate) and salt for ritual cleansing and mummification.

And until today, the white powder is a proven home remedy, which is used to fight diseases, for cleaning, baking and in cosmetics. Sodium bicarbonate is therefore an all-rounder, which is used in many areas of everyday life.

Use of baking soda

The chemical formula for sodium bicarbonate is NaHCO3 and in professional circles it is called sodium hydrogen carbonate. Two types must be separated from each other. This is the food soda and sodium carbonate. The carbonate, also known as washing soda, can be found in many cleaning products.

Food soda ensures the rising of the dough during baking and it replaces the baking powder. A pinch also ensures that beaten egg whites become stable, and a few tablespoons of the powder make pretzels shiny.

Natron is also a popular household remedy among cat owners – namely for cleaning the litter box.

Use in body care

In body care, it has an odor-inhibiting effect and can also be used as a peeling, for example. A foot bath with the powder has an invigorating effect and the peeling gets the blood circulation of the feet going.

Those who often have sweaty feet should put a little powder in their shoes or socks. So the smell is stopped and the foot deodorant is superfluous. This also applies when it is used as a deodorant substitute in the armpits.

Take care of your teeth with sodium bicarbonate, then you will also benefit from its use in the process. Impurities on the teeth are removed in a gentle way and a mouth rinse with it is effective against bad breath. This is true even after eating garlic or onions.

Use in medicine

In alternative medicine, the powder has been highly valued for many years. Cold, heartburn and insect bites can be successfully treated with the white powder.

If you mix a solution of water and sodium bicarbonate for gargling when you have tonsillitis, you will find that NaHCO3 has a decongestant effect and noticeably reduces the pain when you swallow.

Even some orthodox physicians deal with the powder. After in-depth studies, they concluded that the bicarbonate it contains can actually soften malignant tumors. It also protects healthy organs from aggressive drugs when chemotherapy is required.

Where to find sodium bicarbonate?

You can buy pure baking soda without prescription in every pharmacy. Also in drugstores and supermarkets it is offered. When buying, always make sure that you buy food grade NaHCO3.

In addition, it must be free of other substances. Baking powder, for example, also contains sodium bicarbonate, but is enriched with additives that can harm health. On the Internet there are also many suppliers who offer natural powder or tablets.

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