How to treat heel spurs

Even minor ailments such as heel spurs, a certain type of foot pain, can significantly reduce the quality of life of the affected persons.

What is a heel spur

A heel spur is, in simple terms, a bony process on the heel bone that can provoke inflammation of the foot. This does not grow in every person. And even if it grows, it does not necessarily mean that it will also cause pain.

A further description to the growth of a heel spur and to the most frequently affected groups has the Apotheken Umschau on its web page.

In this text we want to show you some treatment methods that can be used to fight not only the pain, but also the cause.

Take the pressure off the foot in case of a heel spur

First of all, it is important not to put further pressure on the foot so that the inflammation is not further aggravated. In most cases it is not the heel spur itself that hurts, but the resulting inflammation in the foot.

Nevertheless, a doctor should be consulted, since the sparing of the foot is of course not a long-term healing method, but only serves to temporarily combat the symptoms. Methods to relieve the foot in everyday life, we have presented in this article.

Use an insole in the shoe

The treatment of heel spurs does not necessarily require tablets or other medications. Often the use of insoles specially developed for patients with heel spurs for the shoe is enough. The supplier Align Footwear, for example, offers high-quality insoles that have already helped numerous people to permanently relieve pain.

Avoid particularly strong load on the foot

It is not always possible to completely rest the foot. Often a pain pill is taken in everyday life to be efficient. This is generally not advisable, but in some situations there is no other way.

Nevertheless, you should also avoid particularly heavy stress on the foot in these situations. So you should not carry heavy things, because this weight in addition to the body weight stresses your feet.

If you are overweight, then you can also start at this point. The extra weight puts a lot of stress on your foot and encourages the occurrence of inflammation.

In addition, you can also perform some exercises to promote healing. Thus, the website mylife has compiled exercises for all people suffering from heel spurs, which, if used regularly, can accelerate healing and relieve pain.

However, you should use this method only as a supplement to other healing methods to increase the chances of long-term recovery.

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