Herbal witches and herbal knowledge – old medicine reprocessed

What not only herb witches should know

Often one imagines herb witches old, with a headscarf and a wooden basket in the hand, where different herbs lie in it.

The knowledge of these plants is not reserved, however, only the privilege of the witches or also „Wise women“ called.

Today everyone, including you, can make acquaintance with the plants in the environment. Much has fallen into oblivion, the more importantly it is now to find again back to nature and to look together with it into the future.

Recipes with over 300 plants and herbs

This book is a guidebook and contains well over 1700 different recipes with over 300 plants. You will find liqueurs, brandies, wines, tinctures, ointments, pastes, poultices, wraps, juices, syrups, oils, vinegar, baths, inhalations, gargles, many cosmetic tips, jellies to prepare yourself and also essential oils and their uses z.B. in scented pillows.

Detailed instructions facilitate the production and partly you find colored illustrated photos for the step by step guidance. Valuable tips on which areas of the body and against which diseases the plants act can be found under each recipe.

This comprehensively compiled guide contains ancient witch herb knowledge, which has been reprocessed, so that for you medicine is not witchcraft.

Which should know not only herb witches – A councellor and prescription book

A 4 – 400 pages – 1100 g – Softcover
Price: 24,90 EUR
ISBN: 976-3-00-0-41055-0
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