Traditional Chinese Medicine – Basics and Opportunities of TCM

Traditional Chinese medicine – Basics and opportunities

Traditional Chinese medicine now enjoys great popularity even outside China. It is not only practiced in large parts of Asia, but is now used as a form of therapy in America as well as Europe.

Since the areas of application of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are very diverse, it offers patients considerable opportunities. The Asian therapy form is used among other things with parliamentary allowance or for the smoker’s cessation. But the potential is much greater.

The best example to shed light on traditional Chinese medicine and its opportunities is probably acupuncture. Hardly any treatment method is used more in the West, in part to combat serious diseases. Not to mention the enormous opportunities that acupuncture offers in the field of cosmetic surgery.

It is proven that microneedling can be helpful for anti-aging. But that is still far from all. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at the opportunities and basics of traditional Chinese medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine – the basics

Characteristic of TCM is that it is largely based on philosophical teachings. Important basics are, among others, the five element teachings, nature as well as Yin and Yang. All these aspects have an effect on the human organism according to traditional medicine. This in turn means that an imbalance makes people sick.

The traditional Chinese medicine tries to start with it. Ways are sought to restore balance. Not all of them are medically proven. But there is no denying that TCM has come to play an important role in our modern medicine.

Some of the therapeutic and diagnostic approaches can be useful in different diseases. Among other things, to relieve symptoms such as pain or loss of appetite.

However, the diagnosis in TCM is very different from our western medicine. Technical aids rarely play a role. Although both a patient interview and an examination are performed, both are different from our Western medicine.

Other methods are used and the medical approaches can differ greatly. Of course, this also opens up completely new paths. There is no question that traditional Chinese healing methods can help many people.

Traditional Chinese medicine – the opportunities

The range of applications is enormous. The treatment methods are used, among other things, for chronic pain and diseases. Many approaches have proven helpful in alleviating symptoms. They can even help with allergies, inflammations and mental illnesses.

In addition, there are many women who resort to traditional healing methods to alleviate menstrual cramps. Comparable success can also be achieved with menopausal symptoms. Since TCM can also help with severe states of exhaustion and sleep disorders, traditional Chinese healing methods have become an indispensable part of modern medicine.

A great advantage of the teachings is also that they are relatively low risk. Side effects are rather rare and usually occur only in the form of allergic reactions. More serious complaints occur only in rare exceptional cases.

The intake of chemical preparations is more risky. For some serious diseases, however, our modern medicine is in no way inferior to TCM. Treatment with TCM should therefore in the best case only take place after consultation with the family doctor. At least for serious complaints.

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