Juicing at home is very much in vogue.

Juicing at home is very trendy

Self-pressed juices and juicing at home are also a trend this year. Because fruits, vegetables, grasses and herbs are not only healthy; they even provide many interesting flavors that are not available in retail stores. Individual drinks from sweet to bitter can be created. Juicing also offers you a wonderful start to the day!

For moments of happiness and unique juices provide two techniques: press and centrifuge. When juicing by press, the fruit is crushed by rollers. The centrifuge first crushes everything, and then centrifuges the juice out of the fruit flesh. The technical principle is rather insignificant for obtaining a maximum of juice. Presses usually work more quietly and provide a juice with a constant proportion of pulp.

You can rely on these health benefits

Fruit, vegetables & Co. usually do not need to be peeled and cut when using a juicer. This saves a lot of time and makes juicing as easy as possible. Health benefits in particular, as juicing makes many vitamin bombs easier to consume than is the case with solid food intake. Also peels and seeds are processed.

There are many vitamins and minerals. Juicers also ensure that the fiber is removed from fruits, vegetables, grasses and herbs, which has a positive effect on digestion. The greatest effect of juicers is, of course, freshness: consumers get the maximum of vitamins and minerals. You can not give more good to your own body. Indispensable is therefore the tip that one presses only so much juice, as one would like to drink later.

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Juicing of fruit, vegetables, grasses and herbs

There are almost no limits to what all may be in a juicer. Citrus fruits, such as lemons and limes, however, rather belong in a citrus juicer. Mangoes, papayas and berries are better prepared in a blender. Before a processing applies: Fruit, vegetables, grasses and herbs absolutely wash! Muddy areas should be cut off. Since the peel ends up later also in the electrical appliance, one should access bio products. There are no limits to the mixtures. For beginners, guidebooks that list a variety of tasty juices are recommended to help get started.

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