CAUTION! Everyday stress can make you sick in the long run!

CAUTION! Everyday stress makes you sick!

Everyday stress at work, at school and also still at home – in these hectic times there is stress everywhere. In our body, stress acts like a creeping poison. If the stress level increases, the immune system decreases.

Everyday stress as a cause of illness

Stress makes you sick in the long run. After all, two thirds of all illnesses are due to stress effects. This alarmed scientists and made them look harder for anti-stress substances.

Result: diet and stress have more to do with each other than previously thought.

More vital substances for the nerves

Even after a heated argument, many bodily functions go haywire. These include z.B. enormous amounts of vitamin B are consumed to stabilize the nervous system. And an extremely high amount of vitamin C for the body’s own defenses. This quickly leads to a vitamin deficiency, which must be compensated for urgently. To replenish the vital substance depots, the body now needs pure nerve food with lots of vitamins B and C, as well as carbohydrates and secondary plant substances. Also tryptophan, contained z.B. in milk, bananas or almonds, is a good stress killer.

Always take it easy

So with natural foods you can effectively put on the stress brakes. Apples, for example, are top suppliers of vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system and keeps the stress hormone cortisol in check. Oatmeal provides large quantities of the B vitamins, the purest nerve food. Purple cabbage contains a particularly large amount of secondary plant compounds that can stop stress-related nervousness or even heart palpitations and nighttime teeth grinding. Green salad provides the substance lactucerol, a substance that is optimal for relaxation.

The trace element boron, contained in dried fruits such as apricots or plums, remedies stress-related lack of concentration. An ideal energizer for exhaustion is green tea. Tea alkaloids gently stimulate and relax at the same time. And hops provide inner peace after a long, stressful day at work. This is probably why many men, as well as women, enjoy a bottle of beer after a long day at work. Reassuring if it does not become more!

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