Natural cosmetics – Effective trend – Environmentally friendly – Healthy

The effectiveness of natural cosmetics

Natural cosmetics – organic, healthy and effective: natural care of the skin is the be-all and end-all for a young and positive radiance.

A clear definition for the term “natural cosmetics” has not yet been established, but you can be sure that with the use of a natural care no chemical substances reach the skin.

It is not without reason that the demand for organic cosmetics is steadily increasing.

The trend of natural cosmetics

Especially in recent years, the trend towards natural cosmetics has grown strongly. More and more people are turning to cosmetic products without chemicals.

Thus, on the one hand, they want to maintain the function of their skin naturally, and on the other hand, they want to protect nature. A sustainable life in this sense supports long-term health.

In addition, it is also noticeable that cosmetics manufacturers are increasingly complementing their product range with a natural cosmetics range.

The effectiveness of natural cosmetics on the skin

Researchers are constantly developing new formulas to meet the high standards of organic cosmetics. Here, the focus is on avoiding hormonally active ingredients and plastic particles made of polyethylene, which are often used in peelings.

Consequences of synthetically produced ingredients are allergies, skin irritations and the imbalance of the hormone balance. Therefore, the production of natural cosmetics relies on the effects of natural raw materials.

How does natural cosmetics work at all?

Conventional cosmetics, which only give the skin a seemingly softer feeling, ensure that the skin forgets to regenerate itself. It dries out slowly under the artificial film layer, whereas natural cosmetics promote the skin’s own functions.

To guarantee this, the naturally renewable ingredients are subject to only a few processing steps in order to preserve the effect of the secondary plant substances. This means that they do not undergo a process of shelf life and taste neutralization.

Furthermore, the processing of herbal raw materials is also much gentler, because conventional cosmetics are usually radioactively irradiated to kill germs.

What role do the ingredients play?

There are often doubts as to whether organic cosmetics are as effective as conventional products, but these doubts are far from justified. Ingredients of both cosmetic branches have different effects, but those of plant-based cosmetics are more effective in the long run.

Consequently, one does not achieve long-term results, but only feels improvements as long as one actually applies the product. This is because cosmetic products often have water as a base.

It can happen that a product consists of up to 70% water, which is ineffective for our skin and can even dry it out.

That is why herbal cosmetics manufacturers like Satin Naturel replace the ineffective water with the natural healing plant Aloe Vera, which brings many advantages for our skin due to its numerous vitamins and vital substances.

Natural cosmetics anti-aging

A significant advantage is that aloe vera has a skin-tightening effect, which is why it is contained in many herbal anti-aging products. This is due to the fact that its active ingredients promote the formation of collagen and elastin fibers, thereby delaying the formation of wrinkles.

It has been scientifically proven that secondary plant substances, vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids, such as those contained in natural cosmetics, can have a long-term effect against the signs of aging.

The advantage is that the plant ingredients do not occur individually, but in natural compounds, which is why their effect is more intensive.

The effectiveness on nature

But not only our skin is grateful for natural care, because natural cosmetics also have a positive effect on nature. Due to the fact that in natural cosmetics no plastic particles are used to clean the skin, they can also not get into the sea.

Natural cosmetics manufacturers rely on natural cleansing particles such as sugar, which dissolves after a short time and therefore has no negative consequences for nature.

If the plastic beads of peelings or toothpastes from conventional cosmetics get into the sea, fish mistake the particles floating there for plankton and die in agony.

We humans can also ingest the plastic particles: On the one hand, this can happen through the food chain, when the fish that ate the particles is itself consumed, but the particles can also enter the human organism through groundwater.

The beads are so incredibly small that the filter systems of the sewage treatment plants cannot filter them out and so they end up in our groundwater. In addition, the chemical ingredients of shower gel also pollute the water during daily washing.

This is due to the fact that the synthetically produced substances in the products are difficult to break down and end up in the groundwater despite the clarification process.

Another point is that products with natural cosmetic ingredients do not contain a sun protection factor. On the other hand, in some conventional face creams there is a sun protection factor, which, however, has to be synthetically produced.

This leads to the death of corals if it gets into the sea when bathing. Thus, in natural cosmetics you will find only mineral-based sunscreens, which are much more environmentally friendly.


In conclusion, the herbal ingredients of natural cosmetics can develop their effect through gentle processing. It does not lay over the skin, but stimulates the skin’s own functions from the inside and thus has a long-term effect.

By using natural cosmetics you live sustainably, healthily and protect the environment.

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