MS fairy tales myth and truth about multiple sclerosis

MS fairy tale: Myth and truth

The perception of multiple sclerosis (MS) in the German public is – as European survey results prove – devastating : 80% of all Germans believe that MS necessarily goes hand in hand with a life in a wheelchair, 69% are convinced that multiple sclerosis patients succumb to your suffering at a young age, 41% would not even consider a relationship or marriage with a person with the disease. In the following we would like to clear up the most common half-truths and prejudices.

Myth: Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Myth: “Multiple sclerosis is a contagious, fatal disease”. Multiple sclerosis is neither contagious nor a hereditary disease: the risk of passing on multiple sclerosis to one’s children is very low at 1 – 5%. The life expectancy of those affected is also not significantly affected by the disease. Like the normal population, MS patients mostly die from age-related diseases.

Myth: “Those who suffer from multiple sclerosis will sooner or later end up in a wheelchair” Multiple sclerosis does not necessarily mean a life in a wheelchair. Although the likelihood of walking disability increases as the disease progresses, about one-third of all multiple sclerosis patients manage without a wheelchair or walking stick for the rest of their lives.

For all interested people are in the link useful information, answers and reports to the multiple sclerosis.

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