Falling asleep and sleeping through the night without problems – What can help?

To fall asleep calmly and healthily

When falling asleep on the sofa in front of the TV, the chances of a relaxed and restful night are extremely poor. Whether deep and good sleep, namely depends significantly with the sleep environment.

Thus, the bedroom as well as the prevailing room conditions and the behavior before falling asleep determine whether a healthy sleep is achieved in one’s own home. Many people benefit, for example, from the purchase of a mattress topper to optimize their bed and thus their night’s rest.

Cool, dark and quiet

Basically, the bedroom should be designed invitingly, so that time is gladly spent in it. In addition, however, the room must also fulfill a number of conditions so that the sleeper can sleep well in it. Absolute silence and darkness are indispensable, for example.

Regarding the appropriate color selection for linens, furniture and walls, cool colors, such as green, blue, white or gray, are especially recommended. These promote the readiness to fall asleep and have a calming effect.

The humidity and temperature in the bedroom also influence sleep to a great extent. It is important that the sleeper neither freezes nor sweats during the night.

The advice of experts regarding an optimal room temperature is 18 degrees. If lower temperatures prevail, the formation of mold can be favored and the muscles become tense due to the cold.

During sleep, people lose around 0.5 liters of moisture, both through the skin and through breathing and sweating. If the air in the bedroom is too dry, the respiratory tract quickly dries out, which promotes diseases.

In addition, the metabolism is strongly stressed by a lack of fluids, which disturbs the regeneration process during the night. Before going to bed, the bedroom should be thoroughly aired for five minutes with the windows open.

The right behavior before going to sleep

However, the release of messenger substances that promote sleep can also be influenced by one’s own behavior.

The sleeper should feel completely comfortable and secure in his or her sleeping environment. This can be achieved with a good mattress, a comfortable bed and a comfortable lying position. Clothing worn during sleep should also be comfortable and not constricting.

In addition, it is not a good idea to briefly check the news or read e-mails before going to bed. The light emitted by electrical devices, such as tablets or smartphones, has just as stimulating an effect on the organism as daylight.

The displays have a very high blue light content, which inhibits the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. The cell phone should therefore be put down some time before going to bed.

If the smartphone cannot be dispensed with under any circumstances, the so-called night mode, which modern devices have, should be set in any case. This reduces the amount of blue light.

If there are general problems with finding rest at the end of the day, a regular sleep ritual can help. This can consist, for example, in autogenic training, relaxation exercises or a soothing cup of tea.

Sleeping pills should not be taken, however, as there is a high risk of dependence if they are taken for a long time.

In addition, the extremely important REM phase of sleep is suppressed by the sleep medication, and the general quality of sleep suffers as a result.

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